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Hughes Lumber and Building Supply Co. Inc.

Shutter InstallationWorking Shutter Hardware

Hughes Lumber & Building Supply, Inc. of Charleston, S.C. has everything the contractor or homeowner needs to install working shutters. We stock plantation louvered and raised panel solid pine shutters; in addition we carry a full selection of the various hardware and items used to make your shutter installation unique to your home.

These illustrations (from the James Peters & Son, Inc., catalog) show how operational shutter hardware is mounted on a typical window application. The upper views (fig. #1 & 2) show a solid panel and a louvered shutter with traditional hardware installed. Figure #1 also shows a pull ring on the left shutter that is used to draw the shutter closed.

The hinge straps only show when the shutter is closed and the illustrations show how the long arm rat tail and post "S" dogs (holdbacks) are mounted to hold the shutter in the normally open position.

In the lower left view, fig. #3, the "L" (New York) type hinges are mounted on a two panel shutter with lagged star dogs. The lower right hand, fig. #4, illustration is of the Show Hinge. This hinge is always visible when the shutter is in the open position. The "Show Hinge" is a special order item and requires a long lead time. These hinges have to be custom fit to the shutters that are being installed.

Working Shutter Hardware
These are some examples of the "Working Shutter Hardware" that we stock at Hughes Lumber & Building Supply.

Shutter Hinges

Shutter Strap Hinges

Shutter Strap Hinges

The Heavy Duty L-Type Hinge and the Straight Tapered Strap Hinge are used to mount the shutter to the window frame or wall as needed. These are sold in pairs of either the L-Type (New York) or Straight Tapered Strap Hinge, with a pair of Pintles sold separately. We stock Original Peters Design with the rounded end on the Pintle. These hinges are available with offsets at zero, 1-1/2", and 2-1/4" on the L-Type; and zero, ½", 1-1/2", 2-1/4", and 3-1/4" on the Strap Type. These hinges are black baked on powder finish over zinc plating and packed per pair with mounting screws. The lower picture is of a cast iron reproduction copy of an "old Charleston hand-forged" strap with zero offset and available in 8" and 11' lengths. These straps also have a black baked powder finish and are packed by the pair.


Shown above are examples of the various types of Pintles that we stock. The Pintles are used to support the hinge strap and hang the shutter on the window. The Pintles are packed by the pair, have a black baked on powder finish over zinc plating, and are packed with mounting screws. By stocking the Pintles separate from the Straps, this permits the use of standard size combinations for the many different offset configurations that are sometimes encountered during an installation.

Shutter Dogs - (Holdbacks)

Cast Iron
Grape Shutter Dog
Shell Shutter Dog
Flower Shutter Dog
Star Shutter Dog
S Shutter Dog
Rate Tail Shutter Dog
Propeller Shutter Dog
S Shutter Dog
Rat Tail
S Shutter Dog Rolled End Shutter Dog Shell Shutter Dog Soldier Shutter Dog
Rolled End

These are examples of the various patterns of Shutter Dogs (Holdbacks) that are available and stocked at Hughes. They are packed per pair with lags, posts, or straps as shown in the first illustration, with mounting screws. The dogs are made from aluminum, zinc plated cast iron or steel, with a black baked on powder finish.

Standard Duty Hinges and Dogs

Standard Duty Hinges and Dogs Standard Duty Hinges and Dogs

We also stock a Standard Duty New York Style Hinge in stamped steel with a black baked on powder finish and boxed two pair (Pintles and Straps) with mounting screws. This is usually enough to complete one window. They will have either a 1-1/16" or a 2-1/8" Offset, and are sold by the box only. We also stock a Std. Duty "S" holdback that is sold by the pair to match these hinges.


Shutter Bolts

Shutter Bolts Shutter Bolts Shutter Bolts

Hughes stocks several types and sizes of Shutter Bolts in steel with a black baked on powder finish and mounting screws. The Original Peters Design #607 is 12 inches long and the curled handle one is available in 4 and 2-1/4 inches long. The last is a reproduction copy of a Charleston Original from the Charleston Hardware Company. The shutter bolt's function is to keep the shutters closed.

Throw and Offset

Throw and Offset

Throw and Offset dimensions are what is used to determine which hinge components are needed for the installation. As shown in the illustration above, the Offset is how far the pintle stands out from the frame, and the Throw is how far the pintle and strap open to allow the shutter to hang against the wall in the open position. You, or your contractor, will need to know how far the window frame is from the main wall and will the shutter be closed inside the frame or even with it.

Shutters (Blinds)

Shutters Blinds Shutters Blinds

Hughes stocks wooden Louvered Plantation and Raised Panel Shutters (Blinds) in several sizes. Special order sizes can usually be procured in 3-6 weeks, but standard sizes are available in within 21 days or less. The blinds are made of white pine and can be professionally treated if required. Standard sizes are usually 16 and 18 inches wide (these are for a 32" and 36" window).

We regularly stock wooden blinds in the following sizes:
Raised Panel: 16 X 55
Louvered: 14 X 55 / 16 X 39, 43, 47, 55, 59, 63, 67, 71, & 75
18 X 55, 67, & 71 / 22 X 67
We do not stock, but can special order thru True Value, vinyl non-operational blinds in White, Green, or Black (by the pair) with our weekly order.




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